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...That first meeting with Dr. Moulton was not so much an evaluation of what talent I already possessed, but what I could be with the right instruction.  It was this sense of partnership that pivoted my future and led me to one of, if not the most, constructive and understanding instruction that I have received in my musical career.  Dr. Moulton's curiosity and constant learning opened my own eyes to concepts that changed my whole style of playing, making all aspects of my technique serve my musicality in ways that no one else ever came close to sharing with me. I strive to pass on to my students the concepts of flute playing, as well as self-kindness and understanding, that she has taught me in order to pay it forward.     


I encourage anyone who would like to study flute to strongly consider Dr. Moulton as a teacher.  I am beyond happy that I chose to go to Mansfield University and to have the opportunity and privilege to study with her for four years.  Given the chance, I would choose to spend that time with her all over again.

-L. Torres Gonzalez

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